Talk to Me Candle - Setting of Lights


Date Added: 04/21/2017 by J F
I had about 4 or 5 of these burned on the same target with no luck. I even tried it along with a com

Date Added: 04/05/2017 by M A
I received a positive candle reading. Prior to ordering this, my ex was very cold and distant. Would

Date Added: 04/02/2017 by E G
I know the candles work because I had another one work quick. I will try again. The person I want to

Date Added: 01/17/2017 by R M
Ordered this candle at the suggestion of Mama Emduring our reading. Ordered Wednesday, my guy and I

Date Added: 11/11/2016 by J L
The Candle report confirmed my suspicions that something is keeping my target from communicating lik

Date Added: 11/01/2016 by C S
Even though my burn report was positive, I never saw movement from my target.

Date Added: 10/31/2016 by J L
I just purchased my 3rd setting of this light. Previous ones worked great so I'm confident this one

Date Added: 10/07/2016 by A J
I didn?t have any luck with this candle but it may have been my fault. I?m not sure how hoodoo work

Date Added: 09/05/2016 by A J
This is my first time getting this one candle for a very stubborn target - my dad and I had a tiff a

Date Added: 09/03/2016 by J L
Candle did the job! Was going through a rough patch in my relationship & this candle helped get...