STFU! (Stop Gossip) Candle - Setting of Lights


Date Added: 04/18/2020 by Alexandra M.
This candle has worked fairly quickly on the target. The situation is not perfect but there is now a

Date Added: 02/02/2020 by Candice A.
This candle works wonders i had this candle lit multiple times and it really makes people STFU and s

Date Added: 10/23/2019 by Michele G.
This candle was lit last week and the report was very detailed. I can tell that it really worked wit

Date Added: 11/02/2015 by R. H.
This candle always works, fast. Stops all gossip and not only that you might get an apology.

Date Added: 09/01/2015 by Jenn Spencer
I had one of these candles lit last year to stop my boyfriends friend from bad mouthing me- well not