Saint Expedite Candle - Setting of Lights


Date Added: 05/20/2015 by s t
Saint Expedite came through for me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date Added: 02/28/2015 by A H
I'm currently waiting for my candle to be lit. I keep coming back to this review page and reading re

Date Added: 01/23/2015 by A S
He gets the request you make done! I have been trying to get a job for over two years. I burned like

Date Added: 07/18/2014 by s t
OMG this candle did exactly what I wanted it to do,I ordered this candle in June 2014 and I am happy

Date Added: 06/21/2014 by M p
Saint expedite is awesome! Every time I asked for something I needed I got it..especially when I ask

Date Added: 03/13/2013 by P X
Thank you Saint Expedite, you rock!!!!! I received a speedy response to my petition. Dr. E's interpr