Crossing Candle - Setting of Lights


Date Added: 01/17/2021 by S M
Most of what I asked for in this candle happened quickly and even six years later, the woman is stil

Date Added: 07/13/2020 by L M
I ordered this candle on my coworker. We both have the same sales territory and it?s been made clea

Date Added: 05/18/2018 by A J
Once again, I'm amazed with the candle report - it is depicting exactly what will/is going to happen

Date Added: 12/19/2017 by J I
I have burnt quite a few candles to break up a couple and they haven't been that successful; but I t

Date Added: 08/08/2017 by M L
I have been ordering this candle for those people that made my life a living hell. I see that it wor

Date Added: 02/11/2017 by S B
Be careful. I had several of these candles lit. I think the images in the candle was showing me inst

Date Added: 06/01/2016 by J G
I had the candle lit May 20th and my court date was May 23rd. I requested for my charges against me

Date Added: 02/29/2016 by C O
A year ago, I wrote this petition in hopes of driving a woman, M, away from my man. I waited a long

Date Added: 01/24/2016 by D J
Had several lit around 8/19 on evil landlord and renters Laughing hard satisfied as they continue

Date Added: 12/17/2015 by H M
I have faith the spirits will work in my favor toward this individual! My burn report read...