Hot Foot Powder


Red pepper, sulfur and other traditional ingredients come together to create the classic Hot Foot Powder used to drive unwanted people out of your life! Hot Foot Powder is a great way to drive someone away without others knowing, and without inherently harming them.

Hot Foot Powder Uses:

  • Drive unwanted people away
  • Make enemies leave
  • Make others go away

Hot Foot Powder Spell Ideas:

Lay down a line of Hot Foot Powder in your target's tracks when they cross over it, they will be compelled to get the hell out of your life. Put a pinch of Hot Foot Powder in their shoes to "hot foot" them out of town. You can even dust the tires on their car with Hot Foot Powder to get them to drive out of your life! To hide Hot Foot Powder from being recognized (it has a distinctive color), mix it half-and-half with local dirt from the area before sprinkling it. Most people will mistake it for dirt that someone has simply tracked in on their shoes and not think twice about stepping on it.

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Package size: Approximately 1 oz.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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