Queen Elizabeth Root (Orris Root)


Queen Elizabeth Root, also known as Orris Root, is one of the most powerful Curios you can use in Hoodoo. These roots are used in conjure quite often in the construction of mojo bags for luck, money, power, love and success.

Queen Elizabeth Root (Orris Root) Uses:

  • Protection from enemies
  • Conquering obstacles and achieving goals
  • Women's power and attracting a man
  • Gambling luck

Queen Elizabeth Root Spell Ideas:

Something Dr. E. loved doing - combining minerals with roots! It's the one-two punch that hoodoo is really known for and we can make a mojo bag that is no exception. To make a love mojo, we use two of the most powerful roots for love: High John the Conqueror or Queen Elizabeth Root. Either root works to attract a lover - it depends on the gender of the person you wish to draw to you. Your own sexual orientation isn't important - only ask yourself "what do I want to draw to me?" An example: a straight woman seeking to attract a man would use Queen Elizabeth Root. So, too, would gay men seeking to attract a man. Next, we add lovage root for commitment in a loving relationship, not just a quick fling. Lastly, we use the earth's natural magnets, a Lodestone, to attract that lover to you and draw them into your life. You may also add Magnetic Sand, just a pinch, tossed into the bag to feed the Lodestone so that it works hard for you. Put all of these items in a red flannel bag along with one of your hairs. Tie it off and feed it True Love Oil once a week to keep it working strong.

Learn more about Queen Elizabeth Root and Mojo Bags at The Conjure Blog, including their magical powers, and how to apply it in rootwork.

This package includes one small-sized Queen Elizabeth Root. Medium Queen Elizabeth roots are about 1 inche in size and perfect for use as a pocket piece or in the heart of a mojo bag.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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