Purple Hoodoo Rootwork Jumbo Candle (9 inches)


Purple Hoodoo Rootwork Jumbo candles are typically used for power, commanding, controlling, and success spells. Purple Hoodoo Rootwork Jumbo candles are perfect for use as a main candle in rootwork spells (or used in conjunction with figural candles or vigil candles).

Purple Hoodoo Rootwork Jumbo Candle Uses:

  • Dominate your partner and make them follow your orders
  • Command, control and compel others, like your boss, to do your bidding
  • Boost your personal power

Purple Hoodoo Rootwork Jumbo Candle Spell Ideas:

To stop gossip! Use a pointed tool (like a skewer) and carve "Change your tone! Praise me!" on one side of the candle and the names of the people you are targeting on the other side. Dress this candle with Command! Oil by wiping the oil on the candle away from you. Dress the candle with Control Candle Dressing Herb Blend. Say a small prayer akin to: "[name of target(s)], you will no longer say negative things about me but instead praise everything I say or do." Burn the candle over a photo of your target(s).

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Jumbo Candles are 9 inches tall by 1.5 inches across in dimension and will typically burn for between 9 to 24 hours.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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