Female Figural Candle (Blue)


Female Figural Candles (Blue) are typically used in Hoodoo and Rootwork for peace, tranquility, psychic power and healing spells. A Female Figural Candle (Blue) is perfect for use as a main candle in rootwork spells (or used in conjunction with offertory candles or jumbo candles). Simply dress your candle with an appropriate condition oil of your choice like Boss Fix Oil , Talk To Me Oil or Command! Oil, then use an appropriate candle dressing herb blend like Blessing or Cleaning around your candle in mystical shapes for healing, psychic power or tranquility like a circle, star, triangle or square. You can also use our Herb Baths for dressing candles although they come in smaller quantities.

Female Figural Candles (Blue) Uses:

  • Peaceful home spells
  • Tranquility spells
  • Psychic power spells
  • Healing spells

Female Figural Candles (Blue) Spell Ideas:

Dress candles with a Healing, Vision or Blessing oil of your choice, like: Come To Me Oil, Follow Me Boy(or girl), STFU! Oil, Women's Power Oil (or Men's Power oil). Pray in your own words over the candle and burn it on top of a photo of the person you want to bless (a photo of yourself can be used), or a petition paper describing what you want to happen to your target. Sprinkle Blessing Candle Dressing Herb Blend in an appropriate shape around the candle, then light your candle and let it burn down.

Candle size: 7 in. x 2 in.

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