Male Figural Candle (Brown)


Male Figural Candles (brown) are typically used for court case, justice, and finding lost object spells. Jumbo candles are perfect for use as a main candle in rootwork spells (or used in conjunction with jumbo candles or offertory candles). Male Figural Candles (brown) are offered here to customers who want to dress and burn their own candles at home. Simply dress your candle with an oil of your choice like Court Case Oil or Justice Oil, then sprinkle Court Case Herb Bath or Justice Herb Bath around your candle in mystical shapes for success like stars, circles and triangles or for cursing, like double crosses, skulls or squares. Our Baths can be used to dress candles just note that they come in smaller quantities than our actual candle dressing herb blends.

Male Figural Candles (Brown) Uses:

  • Court Case spells
  • Justice spells
  • Finding lost object spells

Male Figural Candles (Brown) Spell Ideas:

Dress candles with Court Case Oil or Justice Oil. Burn a brown male Figural Candle dressed with Justice Oil on top of the photo of the person who wronged you and call God's divine justice against them.

Candle size: 7 in. x 2 in.

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