Black Penis Candle


Use this Black Penis Candle in your Hoodoo practices to control a man's sexual organ and impair his ability to perform sexually through rootwork. Black Penis Candles can be used as part of a spell to curse a rapist into getting caught and tie up his nature so he can never do it again. Use a Black Penis Candle in your spellwork to prevent your man's member from working with anyone but you!

Black Penis Candle uses:

  • Control man's sexual power
  • Perform sexual revenge spells on a man

Black Penis Candle Spell Ideas:

Carve the name of your target on a Black Penis Candle and dress it with Command Oil. (If you don't know the name, you can just simply put their title, or in the case of the spell below: "The Rapist"). Using mystical shapes such as a circle, take the Control Candle Dressing Blend, surround the candle with herbs and burn it on a dish over a photo of your male target to control him sexually, or make him not able to perform. After the candle finishes burning, take the remains of the spell and bury them in the ground or planted pot on your back yard.

For spells on how to curse a rapist and other useful spells, read this article on The Conjure Blog!

Candle size: 7.5 inches

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