Female Figural Candle (Red)


Female Figural Candles (red) are typically used in rootwork and candle magic for passion and sex spells. Simply dress your candle with a love oil of your choice (like Come To Me Oil or Follow Me Boy Oil, Love's Fire, or True Love) then sprinkle Love Candle Dressing Herb Blend on the candle. You can even sprinkle the herbs around your candle in the shape of a heart or a circle.

Female Figural Candle (red) Uses:

  • Protection spells
  • Healing spells
  • Spiritual workings
  • Cleansing spells

Female Figural Candle (red) Spell Ideas:

Dress candles with a love oil of your choice, like: Come to Me, Follow me Girl, Hot Fucker, Love Me Now, Love's Fire, or True Love. You can combine them if it suits your desire. Then add a pinch (just a little pinch - not too much) of Love Candle Dressing Herb Blend to the top of the candle. Pray 85.10 Psalm over your candle and burn it on top of a photo of the person you want to attract, or a petition paper describing what type of love you want. Sprinkle Love Candle Dressing Herb Blend in the shape of a heart around the candle, then light your candle and let it burn down. Once the candle is done burning, gather up the photo or petition paper and the sprinkled herbs into a red flannel bag and carry it with you. Anoint it weekly with the oil you used for the spell. Do not show this mojo to anyone.

Dress a candle with your selected oil. Start by putting some of the oil on your fingers and wiping them from the middle of the candle up toward the wick, praying for what you desire. Then put some more oil on your fingers and stroke it on to the candle from the middle downward to the butt, so that your prayers will be answered here on earth. Then roll the candle through some Love Candle Dressing Herb Blend, or sprinkle some onto the candle while you hold it in your hand. Place the candle in a fire-proof candle holder and burn it on top of your petition or a photo of your target.

Candle size: 7 in. x 2 in.

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