Male Figural Candle (Black)


Male Figural Candles (black) are typically used in rootwork and candle magic for crossing, cursing, jinxing, confusion and hot foot spells. Male Figural Candles (black) are offered here to customers who want to dress and burn their own cursing candles at home. Simply dress your candle with a cursing oil of your choice (like Crossing Oil or Inflammatory Confusion Oil) then roll the candle in or sprinkle Cursing Candle Dressing Herb Blend on the candle. You can even sprinkle the herbs around your candle in mystical shapes for cursing, like double crosses, skulls or squares.

Male Figural Candles (black) Uses:

  • Curse your enemies with sickness, job loss, misfortune and poverty
  • Hot Foot annoying people out of your life
  • Confuse and inflame your enemies into arguments
  • Break up a couple

Male Figural Candles (black) Spell Ideas:

Dress candles with a cursing oil of your choice, like: Crossing Oil, Confusion Oil, GTFO! Oil, Inflammatory Confusion Oil , then add a pinch (just a little pinch - not too much) of Cursing Candle Dressing Herb Blend to the top of the candle. Pray Psalms 109 or pray in your own words over the candle and burn it on top of a photo of the person you want to curse, or a petition paper describing what you want to happen to your enemy. Sprinkle Cursing Candle Dressing Herb Blend in the shape of a double-cross under the candle, then light your candle and let it burn down. Once the candle is done burning, gather up the photo or petition paper and the sprinkled herbs and bury it at a crossroad to nail down your enemy, or bury it where they will walk over it and be cursed every time they pass it.

Candle size: 7 in. x 2 in.

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