Uncrossing Herb Bath


Hyssop, a broken chain and many of the most powerful uncrossing herbs are included in Uncrossing Herb Bath to remove all evil and crossed conditions from your life. Uncrossing Herb Bath is the perfect solution to shatter any curse, uncross your life and remove any jinxes or evil eye.

Uncrossing Herb Bath Uses:

  • Remove curses and break jinxes
  • Cleansing negativity
  • Driving away evil

Uncrossing Herb Bath Spell Ideas:

Use Uncrossing Herb Bath as a personal bath to undo evil spells that were directed at you or as a floor wash to cleanse your home from any nasty tricks that were laid in it. Uncrossing Herb Bath is the go-to solution for removing curses, jinxes, dark spirits, hauntings, or any other negative energy.

Learn how to effectively perform magical baths - step by step - at the Conjure Doctor Blog!

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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