Hot Fucker Powder


Hot Fucker Powder is an aphrodisiac blend of patchouli and citrus used to get you a sexy lover for the night. Don't plan on finding your perfect mate with Hot Fucker Powder (See True Love Products for that!), but you will find a perfect fling for some hot sex! Hot Fucker Powder can also be used to bring back some of the passion in a relationship that has grown a little cold in the intimacy department.

Hot Fucker Powder Uses:

  • Attract sex partners
  • Stir up passion in others
  • Increase your sexual appeal

Hot Fucker Powder Spell Ideas:

Dust your chest with Hot Fucker Powder before going out to the bars to make yourself appear more sexually attractive to potential sex partners. Dust business cards with some Hot Fucker Powder before going out to a bar and when you give one to someone you find sexually appealing, they will be powerfully affected to want to have sex with you. Sprinkle Hot Fucker Powder around your bed to make your bed a den of passion and sex!

For more ideas on how to get the sex back into your relationship, visit the Conjure Blog!

Hot Fucker Powder is part of Dr. E. Products' line of Hot Fucker Hoodoo Products. Follow this link to learn more about Hot Fucker Powder or other Hot Fucker Hoodoo Supplies and Spells.

Package size: Approximately 1 oz.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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