Secure Finances Herb Bath


Secure Finances Herb Bath gets its power from sassafras, bayberry and other effective money-preserving herbs. Secure Finances herb Bath is perfect for curbing spending habits, reducing debt and getting your finances stabilized. Secure Finances Herb Bath is Dr. E. Product's version of the traditional hoodoo "Money Stay With Me Bath".

Secure Finances Herb Bath Uses:

  • Curb spending and help with savings
  • Keep your bank account growing
  • Prevent unexpected expenses

Secure Finances Herb Bath Spell Ideas:

Take a Secure Finances Herb Bath prior to performing any Secure Finances hoodoo spells or money draw hoodoo spells to make sure that you draw and keep keep your money instead of spending it away the moment you get it. Secure Finances Herb Bath is perfect for helping you pay down your debt - take Secure Finances Herb Baths regularly when you are trying to curb your spending and work on straightening out your finances. Sprinkle a packet of Secure Finances Herb Bath dry around green candles that you've dressed with Secure Finances Oil. Burn this on top of a petition describing what you desire: paying off bills, increasing your savings, etc. When the spell is done burning, gather up the remnants of wax, the herb sprinkle and your petition and put them in a green flannel bag and carry it to keep you focused on improving your money situation.

For other ideas on how to secure finances or eliminate your debt, visit Dr. E.'s Conjure Blog!

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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