Yellow Offertory Candle (6 inches)


Yellow offertory candles are typically used for success, road opener, communication, and friendship spells. Offertory candles are perfect for use in rootwork spells to place around larger candles (like figural candles, jumbo candles or vigil candles) as magical support candles, or for burning on top of jar spells.

Yellow Offertory Candle Uses:

  • Success spells
  • Road Opener spells
  • Communication spells
  • Friendship spells

Yellow Offertory Candle Spell Ideas:

Burn 7 yellow offertory candles around a white figural candle dressed in Success and Eloquence Oil and Success and Eloquence Powder to succeed in your efforts and have your goals come to be. Burn yellow offertory candles dressed with Road Opener Oil on top of a written petition asking for obstacles to be removed from your life and to open your roads to success. Yellow offertory candles can be burned on top of jar spells to improve communication between two people; especially if they are dressed with Talk To Me Oil!

Don't forget to check out our affordable, brass, star-shaped candle holders that perfectly hold our offertory candles for use in spells.

Offertory candles are 6 inches tall by 3/4 inch across in dimension.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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