Blue Offertory Candle (6 inches)


Blue offertory candles are typically used for peace, tranquility, psychic power and healing spells. Offertory candles are perfect for use in rootwork spells to place around larger candles (like figural candles, jumbo candles or vigil candles) as magical support candles, or for burning on top of jar spells.

Blue Offertory Candle Uses:

  • Peaceful home spells
  • Tranquility spells
  • Psychic power spells
  • Healing spells

Blue Offertory Candle Spell Ideas:

Burn blue offertory candles dressed with Blessing Oil in your home to promote a peaceful and blessed environment. Burn blue offertory candles on top of a jar spell you are working for reconciliation to cool things off and gain peace between you and your estranged lover. Burn blue offertory candles dressed in Indian Spirit Guide Oil and Justice Oil in front of an image of Black Hawk to call for his assistance when you've suffered an injustice.

Don't forget to check out our affordable, brass, star-shaped candle holders that perfectly hold our offertory candles for use in spells.

Offertory candles are 6 inches tall by 3/4 inch across in dimension.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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