Buckeye Nut


The Buckeye Nut is a nut native to North America used for gambling luck and health. These nuts are reminiscent of the shape of a man's testicle and for this reason, buckeye nuts are said to be good for enhancing male virility (much like High John the Conqueror Root). This package includes one buckeye nut.

Buckeye Nut Uses:

  • Restoring and preserving health
  • Gambling luck
  • Enhancing male virility

Buckeye Nut Spell Ideas:

Buckeye nuts were traditionally drilled with a hole, filled with liquid mercury then sealed with wax and carried as a gambling luck charm - BUT - liquid mercury is VERY dangerous and threatening to health so we do not recommend doing this. Instead, combine a Buckeye Nut, a Silver Dime and some Five Finger Grass in a red flannel bag and carry this for gambling luck. You can dress it with whiskey or Van Van Oil to keep it strong.

For additional ways to increase your luck in gambling, lottery, dice, cards, bingo and other games of chance, visit Dr. E.'s The Conjure Blog.

Package contains one Buckeye Nut.

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