Silver Dime (Mercury Dime)


A silver dime (also known as a mercury dime) is a rare American ten-cent coin that was minted between 1916 and 1945 made entirely of silver. Silver dimes are imprinted with the bust of a winged liberty on one side (reminiscent of the Roman god Mercury - thus the name "mercury dime") and are carried or used in mojo bags for good luck, or to draw money, or as a protective amulet against being cursed.

Silver Dime Uses:

  • Good luck with gambling and other games of chance
  • Drawing money and prosperity
  • Protection against cursing

Silver Dime Spell Ideas:

Drill a hole in a silver dime and thread a red cord through it. Tie it around your ankle and wear it as a protective amulet so that you are not cursed by walking over powders. If your silver dime turns black it indicates that someone tried to attack you with powders by sprinkling them in your tracks. (Many cursing powders contain sulphur which chemically interacts with silver to turn it black - which accounts for why your dime will turn black if you walk through cursing powders). If your dime turns black, clean it, take an Uncrossing Herb Bath, and wear your silver dime anklet again. You can also add a silver dime to any gambling mojo bag or carry it for luck with lottery, gambling or bingo.

For more information about Silver Dimes, visit Dr. E.'s Conjure Blog and read all about Silver Dimes.

Package contains one silver dime (not from a leap year). If you would like a silver dime minted from a leap year, please purchase a "Silver Dime - Leap Year".

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