Southern John (Dixie John) Root


Southern John Root (also known as Dixie John Root) is an effective hoodoo curio for love and passion spells. Southern John Root will keep the fires of love burning in your relationship, or bring the passion back into a relationship that has grown cold.

Southern John Root Uses:

  • Draw passionate love into your life
  • Rekindle the fires of love and passion in a relationship that has grown cold

Southern John Root Spell Ideas:

Taking a Dixie John Root, place it in a muslin bag, and wash it along with your sheets. According to the spell, you'll have the best sex of your life on those sheets from then onward. After this use, the Dixie John Root has been spent and can be tossed out. You can also include a Southern John Root in love mojo bags, or use them in spells to fire up a relationship that has cooled off. You can powder up the hairs on the root and sprinkle it around your bed to ignite the passion in your marriage.

Our Dixie John Roots are packed individually, either whole or sliced.

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