Lodestone, Small (0.5 inch, highly magnetic)


Lodestones are naturally occurring magnetized pieces of iron ore (also called magnetite). These powerful curios are used to draw positive influences including love, money, people, business, etc. One small lodestone is included in this packet: 0.5 inch in size; perfect for use in a mojo bag.

Lodestone (Small) Uses:

  • Draw positive influences like money, love and luck
  • Use in Mojo Bags

Lodestone (Small) Spell Ideas:

Small Lodestones are great for use in mojo bags. Add a small lodestone dressed in Lucky 777 Oil along with a Whole Nutmeg and a Lucky Hand Root into a red flannel bag. Tie it off and dress it with Hoyt's Cologne weekly for luck with gambling, lottery, and to draw money and good luck. Another great mojo bag recipe for love includes a Small Lodestone, Bo'hog Root and dried Rose Petals in a red mojo bag. Dress it weekly with True Love Oil or Love Me Now! Oil to draw that perfect someone to you.

For additional ways that you can use Lodestones in Hoodoo, visit The Conjure Blog and read this great article highlighting mojo bag recipes.

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