Break Up Spell Kit


Use the Break Up Spell Kit to separate couples and break up noxious relationships. Important: this spell kit is not intended for breaking up marriages where there is a holy covenant in place. Beware! This a good choice to drive people away from each other without cursing either party. This Break Up Spell Kit is perfect to get rid of "the other woman" or "the other man", split up a toxic friendship or break up a detrimental business relationship. This powerful Break Up Spell Kit includes all of the items you need to craft a powerful hoodoo spell to break up your enemies. You'll need to have photographs of your enemies in order to work this spell.

The Break Up Spell Kit includes:

  • 1 bottle of Break Up Oil
  • 1 bottle of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil
  • 1 packet of Break Up Powder
  • 1 packet of Break Up Herb Bath
  • 1 packet of Uncrossing Herb Bath
  • 2 purple figural candles of the sex of each target
  • Complete instructions for performing the spell 

Break Up Spell Kit Ideas:

The Break Up Spell Kit will help you dissolve friendships, relations, or alliances that are harmful to your life. Destroy that relationship at work that is making your life difficult. Break up that "friendship" between your significant other and that "friend" causing you grief and arguments. Get rid of neighbors and friends that are causing you problems and fights by dissolving the connection. This is the perfect spell to get rid of undesirable acquaintances and negative people. 

The Break Up Spell Kit comes with complete instructions walking you step-by-step through a powerful candle spell that will dissolve alliances and harmful relationships.

To learn more about break ups visit The Conjure Doctor Blog where Dr. E. shares tips and ideas for using Break Up Products of all types.

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