Blessing Powder


Blessing Powder is made with herbs for blessing, purification and spirituality. Blessing Powder is perfect for use to call upon God's blessings (especially after an uncrossing ritual) and is used to heal, draw goodness and invoke divine energy. Blessing Powder can also be used to cleanse and bring in God's blessings to a space without being detected by others. You can also use our Blessing Oil to anoint yourself after taking a Blessing Herb Bath to enhance the effects when using Blessing Powder.

Blessing powder Uses:

  • Purify a space or person without being detected
  • Bring blessings into your life, home or workspace
  • Enhance blessing rituals

Blessing Powder Spell Ideas:

If you find a questionable dust or powder sprinkled on your doorstep, front door, around your car's driver-side door or your workspace at work, sprinkle Uncrossing Powder on top of it to neutralize any cursing powders before cleaning it up. Follow up with some Blessing Powder asking God to purify you and the area and allow blessings to flow into your life. You can also use Blessing Powder to bless a loved one without them knowing by powdering documents, clothing or any place they will come in contact with it. Use our Blessing Candle Dressing Herb Blend with our Blessing Oil and a black and white double action jumbo candles for Uncrossing and to return you to a blessed state.

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