Follow Me Girl Powder


Keep your woman under your thumb, in love with you and under your control with Follow Me Girl Powder. This Female Controlling Powder receives is dominating power from traditional hoodoo herbs used in love, domination, and control including High John the Conqueror, Calamus root and more.

Follow Me Girl Powder Uses:

  • Dominate your girlfriend or wife
  • Keep your woman faithful and under your spell

Follow Me Girl Spell Ideas:

Take a bath with Follow Me Girl Herb Bath before spending time with your girl to increase your dominance over her and make her follow your wishes. Sprinkle some Follow Me Girl Powder into your Girl's hat or shoes so that her thoughts will always be in line with yours, and so she will always follow your lead. Add some Follow Me Girl Powder into your girl's foot powder or baby powder as you speak her name and your desire aloud; every time she uses it she is coating her body, and putting herself under your dominant control. Dress a purple candle with Follow Me Girl Oil and sprinkle it with Follow Me Girl Powder, then set it in a candle holder on top of a photo of your girl and burn it down as you speak your intentions for her out loud. When the candle is finished, gather all of the spell remains (except the candle holder) and bury it where your girl will walk over or by it as often as possible. For more ideas on controlling love spells, visit the Conjure Blog where Dr. E. has spell ideas and guidance on how to use his products.

Follow Me Girl Powder is part of Dr. E. Products' line of Follow Me Girl Hoodoo Products. Follow this link to learn more about Follow Me Girl Powder or other Follow Me Girl Hoodoo Supplies and Spells.

For more ideas on drawing love spells, visit the Conjure Blog where Dr. E. has spell ideas and guidance on how to use his products.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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