Love Me Now! Mojo Bag


Calamus, dixie john and other powerful compelling love herbs empower our Love Me Now! Mojo Bag to coerce someone to fall in love with you. Carry it when you're around the target of your affections and you'll have them chasing you down in no time. This mojo bag works regardless of your gender or your love interest's gender. This hand-made charm is blessed and charged by us. This Mojo works best with a focused intent upon a single specific target that you should name in your petition.


Love Me Now! Mojo Bag Uses:

  • Make someone love you
  • Draw the love of someone you like
  • Make a casual relationship into committed love

Love Me Now! Spell Ideas:

Carry a Love Me Now! Mojo Bag when you are around the target of your affection and get them to fall in love with you. Couple this with some gifts powdered with Love Me Now! Powder and you'll double your magical effectiveness. You can also hang a Love Me Now! Mojo Bag behind the headboard of your bed to make sexual partners fall in love with you every time you have sex in that bed.

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Love Me Now! Mojo Bag is part of Dr. E. Products' line of Love Me Now! Hoodoo Products. Follow this link to learn more about Love Me Now! Hoodoo Supplies and Love Me Now! Spells.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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