Reconciliation Herb Bath


Reconciliation herbs including balm of gilead and clove come together in Reconciliation Herb Bath's powerful blend to bring back together estranged lovers, damaged marriages and quarreling partners. Reconciliation Herb Bath is perfect for healing pain, softening hearts and allowing a damaged relationship to heal.

Reconciliation Herb Bath Uses:

  • Repair a broken relationship
  • Reignite passion in a cold relationship
  • Reconcile arguments between lovers

Reconciliation Spell Ideas:

Bathe with this blend before meeting your ex to help soften their heart and mind to you. A great reconciliation spell involves writing a letter to your ex, dusting it with Reconciliation Powder then bathing with Reconciliation Herb Bath. Capture a bit of your used bath water and use it to moisten the seal on your envelope and mail that letter to your ex to bring them back to you.

Reconciliation Herb Bath is part of Dr. E. Products' line of Reconciliation Hoodoo Products. Read exact instructions on how to take a Reconciliation Herb Bath or to learn more about other Reconciliation Hoodoo Supplies and Spells.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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