Cleaning Hoodoo Spray Mist


Cleaning Hoodoo Spray Mist contains Mama E.'s favorite essential oils for cleansing, uncrossing, purification, and road opener spells. Uncross any curses, remove jinxes and clean away any negativity, purify your home, body, spirit or cleanse your heart of feelings for another, remove obstacles and open roads to opportunity and progress.

When you need to be done with something or someone you must “wash them out of your life”, with Cleaning Hoodoo Spray Mist you are able to do it. Spray your hands and run them along your body starting at the top of your head moving your hands downward toward your feet in a wiping motion. Spray your hands again if they feel dry. While doing this cleansing, repeat “In the name of Jesus may he clean and purify me of any curses and obstacles”. End the cleansing by throwing the negative energy into the ground.

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