Lucky 777 Herb Bath


Win big at the lottery, gambling and other games of chance with Lucky 777 Herb Bath. Lucky 777 Herb Bath brings together traditional lucky herbs including cinnamon and ginger, to help you hit it big at the tables, lotto, horse races, playing dice, playing poker or any other form of gambling. Lucky 777 Herb Bath is perfect for folks to like to gamble or play lottery for a little extra money, but remember, once you win big walk away with what you've earned!

Lucky 777 Herb Bath Uses:

  • Increase luck with gambling and games of chance
  • Improve your chances in dice, cards or lottery
  • Draw good luck with bingo or other numbers games

Lucky 777 Herb Bath Spell Ideas:

Brew up a bowl of Lucky 777 Herb Bath, let it cool and pour it into a plastic bottle. Take it to the casino and use it to wash your hands before you go inside and play. Just remember to not touch anyone nor shake their hands so that the luck stays on you. You can also take a Lucky 777 Herb Bath before you buy lottery tickets, play dice, or bingo so that you radiate good luck. Empty a packet of Lucky 777 Herb Bath dried herbs into a dish and place a Large Lodestone dressed in Lucky 777 Oil on top. Use this as a small luck altar and place your lottery tickets underneath the dish for luck and to improve your chances that your numbers will be selected in the draw.

For more luck spell ideas, visit the Conjure Blog and learn how to use Lucky 777 Herb Bath in conjunction with other products for maximum effect.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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