Hoodoo Spiritual Baths - Book


Discover the comprehensive and genuine wisdom of Hoodoo Spiritual Baths: Cleansing Conjure with Washes and Waters - by Aura Laforest, a guide that delves into the traditional practices of bathing and purifying. Immerse yourself in the knowledge of performing spiritual house cleansings, engaging in transformative magical baths, and properly and ceremoniously disposing of bath waters. This invaluable resource provides explicit and straightforward instructions on utilizing easily accessible ingredients for teas, baths, and washes. Moreover, it offers a plethora of proven spells and recipes for various circumstances, encompassing areas such as uncrossing, protection, love, sexuality, marriage, beauty, attracting wealth, enhancing business prospects, increasing gambling luck, receiving blessings, and achieving success. Book length: 96 Pages


Dedication 4
Acknowledgements 4
Hoodoo, A Bit of Background 5
Spiritual Supplies 6
Basic Conjure Terminology and Practices 8
Cleaning the Home and the Body 9
House Cleaning and Bathing for Specific Purposes 10
Hiring a Hands-On Spiritual Worker 10
How Often and How Long 11
Preparation: Terminology and Techniques 12
Spiritual House Cleaning 14
        House Cleaning in Seven Easy Steps 15
        Floor Washes 16
        Fixing the Laundry 18
        Floor Sprinkles 20
How to Take a Spiritual Bath 22
        Bathing by Proxy 24
        Timing When to Bathe 26
        Prayers for the Bath 28
        Drinking Teas and Bathing 30
        Bathing Body Parts 32
        Dissolving Words in Water 33
Deployment and Disposal of Waters 34
Ingredients for Teas, Baths, and Washes 35
        Special Waters 35
        Liquids Other Than Water 36
        Minerals 37
        Herbs 38
        Oils 40
        Spiritual Soaps 41
Recipes For Spiritual Baths 42
        Baths for Uncrossing 42
        Baths for Protection 42
        Baths for Love, Sex, and Marriage 46
        Baths for Money Drawing and Business 52
        Baths for Gambling Luck 54
        Baths for Blessings and Success 56
        Baths and Washes for Beauty and Glamour 56
        Baths and Washes for a Peaceful Home 60
Frequently Asked Questions 62
Bibliography 96

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