Small Skull Candle (2")


Small Skull Candles, like our Large Skull Candles, are a favorite among rootworkers and spell crafters alike. While they can be used on their own or in conjunction with other candles, Small Skull Candles are used similarly to our Large hoodoo skulls. Typically they are used as a support candle alongside a primary candle in a given work. These candles are a favorite for spells involving ancestors or spirits who wish to work with you on a particular issue. This listing is for one Small Skull Candle of your color choice.This is a great alternative to skull and crossbones candles.

Small Skull Candle uses:

  • Burn as a support candle alongside a Primary candle
  • Work with ancestor spirits or other spirits of the dead
  • Use in place of our Large Skull Candles with a shorter burn time

Small Skull Candle Spell Ideas:

It's possible to load the bottom of the candle with herbs or personal concerns like with our Large Skull Candle, but we really recommend our Large Skull Candle for this purpose due to their ample size. For standard directions on how to use this as a primary candle in spellwork, see our instructions on our Large Skull Candle page.

As a support candle in spellwork, you can use these Small Skull Candles to represent ancestors. For example, let's say you have a family member who is ill and in need of healing or protection work, you pray to your ancestors at your ancestor altar and ask them for guidance and use divination to confirm 4 family members' willingness to help this family member. Take each of 4 white Small Skull Candles and carve each family members' name on each candle with a pointed object or knife. Bless the candle with a Blessing Oil, Healing Oil or other oil for ancestors by calling upon the ancestor, stroking from the base of the candle to the wick, saying their name and asking them for their assistance in this work. Repeat this with each candle for each corresponding family member. Do the same with a white (blessing) or blue (healing) figure candle of the appropriate gender for your target, carving "You are healed and blessed, _____" saying your target's name.

Place your petition paper and photograph(s) on a fireproof surface like a plate. Center the figure candle on top of the petition paper and/or photograph of your target. Optionally, you can place small photographs of each ancestor you are calling upon under each skull. Place the skulls in a square pattern, facing your target. Light the candles ending with your target's candle and pray Psalm 91. Let the spell burn down. Don't forget to read the wax! You may take some (or all) of the remains and place them into a white or blue flannel bag to create a mojo and place it near your target, preferably under the mattress of their bed.

For a complete set of instructions on how to use skull candles for inflammatory confusion and other useful spells, read this spell about inflammatory confusion on The Conjure Blog!

Candle size: 2" inches 

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