Large Skull Candle (3")


Large Skull Candles are one of our favorites for hoodoo candle spells and are a very versatile choice for spellwork across many practices. Large Skull Candles are used similarly to poppets or baby dolls (Vodou dolls) and are typically used as a primary candle where you want to affect a target's mind. These candles are a favorite for destruction spells, love spells and are typically used to control and coerce your target. This listing is for one Large Skull Candle of your color choice. This is a great alternative to skull and crossbones candles.

Large Skull Candle uses:

  • Drive a person crazy
  • Influence someone's thoughts positively or negatively
  • Help someone feel obsession or guilt

Large Skull Candle Spell Ideas:

Load the bottom of the candle by using a knife and hollowing out the bottom to make a hole just large enough where you can put in personal concerns like hair or fingernail clippings. Save the wax you carve out. If you don't have these, you can opt to use herbs in line with your intentions. Once you have loaded the bottom of the candle with personal concerns or herbs of choice, take the wax shavings and cover the hole. using a lighter, melt the wax to seal the hole. Then, carve the name of your target into the bottom of the skull with the tip of a knife or other pointed object (If you don't know the name, you can just simply put their title like "neighbor" or "adulterer"). Circle it with Control Candle Dressing Blend or other herbs in line with your intention and place a photo of your target under the candle and place the spell on a plate or other fireproof surface. Let the candle burn down completely and don't forget to read the wax!

For a complete set of instructions on how to use skull candles for inflammatory confusion and other useful spells, read this spell about inflammatory confusion on The Conjure Blog!

Candle size: 3" inches (half pound)

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