Chinese Wash


Chinese Wash is a time-honored, traditional blend used to clear away evil, purify the home and draw in blessed energy. Chinese Wash can be used to mop the floors of your home to remove any evil curses, to wash away any jinxing powders, and to bring blessings and positive energies back into the house. You can even add a capful of Chinese Wash to your laundry if you think anyone put powders on you, to wash your clothes clean.

Chinese Wash Uses:

  • Clear away evil
  • Purify the home
  • Draw blessings and positivity

Chinese Wash ideas:

To clear away any curses, jinxes or evil spells from the home, add a capful of Chinese Wash to a mop bucket of water along with a cap of ammonia and a few drops of Uncrossing Oil. Use this to mop your home from back to front, top to bottom. Mop where there is tile or hardwood floors, sprinkle the Chinese Wash blend where there is carpet. Moisten a rag with the solution and wipe down the baseboards, window sills and doors. Finish cleaning at the front door and take your mop bucket outside. Mop the pathway leading up to the front door and finish at the front doorstep. Wash down your porch and door well, then throw out the remaining mop bucket of water over your left shoulder, throwing the water toward the east. You can also add a cap of Chinese Wash to your laundry when you wash your clothes to remove any powders or curses you may have picked up. carries Lucky Mojo Brand Chinese Wash which includes the traditional addition of cornbroom straw for added spiritual cleansing power. We also offer our very own Chinese Wash

For more ways to use Chinese Wash, visit Dr. E.'s Conjure Blog where he combines hoodoo with house cleaning for a spiritual and physically clean house.

Package size: 4 oz. glass bottle

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  • Brand: Lucky Mojo

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