Blessing Mojo Bag


Bring blessings into your life or space with Dr. E.'s Blessing Mojo Bag. Our Blessing Mojo Bag is made with some of the holiest and most sacred roots and curios, like sandalwood and frankincense to draw in God's divine presence and grace. Blessing Mojo Bag is perfect for blessing a room, or for bringing general goodness into your life.


Blessing Mojo Bag Uses:

  • Draw in God's favor
  • Attract blessings of goodness and health
  • Bless a home with holy energy

Blessing Mojo Bag Spell Ideas:

Carry a Blessing Mojo Bag if you work in a very negative environment, like a hospital, prison or nursing home, to keep blessings, positivity and goodness around you. A Blessing Mojo Bag will keep you wrapped in the love of God's grace and presence. Try hanging a Blessing Mojo Bag behind your front door to draw God's blessings into your home, filling it with peace, health and stability.

For other spell ideas, visit Dr. E.'s The Conjure Blog where Dr. E. discusses the traditional uses of hoodoo and conjure products in spells.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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