STFU! Powder


Slippery elm and alum work together in STFU! (Stop Gossip) Powder to stop gossipers from speaking ill about you. STFU! Powder is perfect for use in the work place where coworkers like to spread gossip, or in a public situation where someone is trying to publicly denounce you or spread lies about you. STFU! Powder will not only stop their gossip but will turn their vile words against them, letting everyone know the exact kind of scoundrel they are dealing with. STFU! Powder is Dr. E.'s version of the traditional hoodoo powder known as Stop Gossip Powder.

STFU! (Stop Gossip) Powder Uses:

  • Stop gossip
  • Turn lies back at the person spreading them
  • Shut the mouths of those who would speak negatively against you

STFU! (Stop Gossip) Powder Spell Ideas:

Powders are a great way to lay magical influences without others knowing. Put a pinch of STFU! Powder in the corners of your office to stop gossiping coworkers. Dress purple candles with STFU! Oil and dust them with STFU! Powder then burn them over photos of gossiping people to make them shut the f*ck up! Put a pinch of STFU! Powder in food and feed it to the person spreading lies about you and it will stop their evil lies in their tracks (and let everyone know what a scoundrel they really are)!

For ideas and directions on how to use magical powders in spell work, read Dr. E.'s article on the Conjure Doctor Blog.

Package size: Approximately 1 oz.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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