Inflammatory Confusion Herb Bath


Guinea peppers, hot chili peppers, poppy seeds and other powerful herbs come together in Inflammatory Confusion Herb Bath. This herb bath is intended to stir up mass confusion, arguments and fights between people. Inflammatory Confusion Herb Bath will cause your enemies to turn on one another in massive confusion until they explode in anger and violence. Important: This herb bath isn't intended to be used on yourself. Instead, follow the directions below to use on your enemies.

Inflammatory Confusion Herb Bath Uses:

  • Cause confusion and violence amongst your enemies
  • Split up a pack of people that are united against you
  • Cause someone to explode in anger causing them defamation

Inflammatory Confusion Herb Bath Spell Ideas:

Never use this as a bath on yourself! Make a tea with Inflammatory Confusion Herb Bath, strain the herbs and use the tea as a spray. Spray the area where your target will walk, sit, or touch. Pour the tea in the washing machine when washing your target’s clothes to cause them to fight, argue, and be confused. Make sure to perform a cleansing bath with Uncrossing Herb Bath after using this product in your conjure work. You don't want this chaotic energy spilling over into your personal life!

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Package size: Approximately 1 oz.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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