Court Case Herb Bath


Little John to Chew and other justice herbs join forces in Court Case Herb Bath. Dr. E. Products brings Court Case Herb Bath, designed to help you gain favor with the courts and have them side with you. Court Case Herb Bath is also a powerful tool prior to appearing in court or dealing with legal paperwork, so that things go in your favor.

Court Case Herb Bath Uses:

  • Win or do well in a court case
  • Have a judge or jury rule in your favor
  • Block the opposition in court

Court Case Spell Ideas:

Take a Court Case Herb Bath before appearing in any court proceedings such as depositions or before filling out any legal papers to increase your chances of success. Make an infusion and use the tea in a spray bottle to spray yourself before leaving your home and going to court. Spray the the judge's tracks to have him rule in your favor.

Court Case Herb Bath is part of Dr. E. Products' line of Court Case Hoodoo Products. For ideas and directions on how to use Court Case Herb Bath or other magical baths in spell work, read Dr. E.'s article on the Conjure Doctor Blog.

Package size: Approximately 1 oz.

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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