Black Arts Herb Bath


Black Arts Herb Bath brings together black pepper, mugwort and other herbs to assist you when working with, and protection from, spirits of the dead. Take a Black Arts Herb Bath prior to performing cursework to aid you when summoning the spirits of the dead, performing cursework or for other dark works of magic.

Black Arts Herb Bath Uses:

  • Personal protection while Cursing an enemy
  • Assist in Casting destructive spells
  • Assist with commanding and controlling dark spirits

Black Arts Spell Ideas:

Before performing these spells, take a Black Arts Herb Bath. Dress a black skull candle with Black Arts Oil, dust it with graveyard dirt and burn it on top of a photo of your enemy to haunt them with evil spirits. Dress your enemy's doorknob with Black Arts Oil and sprinkle Crossing Powder on his doorstep to cause hex him with misfortune and ghosts. Use Black Arts Oil to summon spirits of the dead in graveyard workings.

Black Arts Oil is used for some of the darkest and most harmful of spells, as well as in the necromantic arts of spirit summoning. It is recommended that an Uncrossing bath be taken after performing cursework to cleanse yourself. Visit The Conjure Blog for more ideas on how to use Black Arts Oil in cursing spells.

Learn how to effectively perform magical baths - step by step - at the Conjure Doctor Blog! Bottle size: 1/2 ounce

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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