Justice Herb Bath


Tobacco, cascara sagrada and other herbs used for justice in battles and legal issues give Justice Herb Bath it's power. Justice Herb Bath is a versatile tool to get justice when you've been wronged, and to hold others accountable for their injustices in society.

Justice Herb Bath Uses:

  • Get divine justice when you've been wronged
  • Win in court against unjust charges
  • Fight against unjust laws and corrupt officials

Justice Herb Bath Spell Ideas:

Take a Justice Herb Bath when you've been wronged and pray Psalm 109 against the enemies who have wronged you. This will call the Lord's divine justice against the person who has committed an injustice against you and your people. Use Justice Herb Bath to circle brown candles you've dressed with Justice Oil. Burn them down on the photos of your enemies that have committed injustices against your community by passing unjust laws. If you've had false charges filed against you in the court, take a Justice Herb Bath the morning of your appearance before court. The judge and jury will see that you have been wrongly accused and will be more likely to rule in your favor; restoring justice in your situation.

For other hoodoo court case spells, or justice hoodoo spells, visit The Conjure Doctor Blog, where Dr. E. discusses spells, hoodoo products and the use of conjure.

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