Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez Oil


Frankincense, Angelica, and other powerful herbs come together in Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez Oil. This oil was made to honor the Venezuelan physician Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez after his miraculous intercessions in health matters where he would treat the poor, often covering costs of medicine and procedures out of his own pocket. During his life, Dr. JGH aspired to be a priest and attempted to obtain priesthood twice and was later granted the title of "venerable" by the Vatican. Anyone may petition Dr. Hernandez for his assistance in health and medical matters and he will act as an intermediary between you and The Most High.*

Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez Oil Uses:

  • Promoting healthy energy
  • Recovering from surgery or injury
  • Supporting a healthy lifestyle

Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez Oil Spell Ideas:

Dress the four corners of your bed and the center with a dab of Dr. JGH Oil to promote healthy energy while you recover in bed from sickness. When fever strikes put a dab of Dr. JGH Oil on a cool wet compress and apply it to your forehead to surround yourself with healing energy. Dress blue or white candles with Dr. JGH oil and burn them in candle holders on top of photos of a sick person to help spiritually support their recovery.

For ideas and ways to use Dr JGH Oil, visit The Conjure Doctor Blog.

* Dr. JGH Oil is not a substitute for proper medical attention. Please consult your doctor for medical treatment.

Bottle size: 1/2 ounce

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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