Saint Martha The Dominator Oil


Calamus, spikenard, and other powerful herbs come together in Saint Martha the Dominator Oil. Use this oil to dominate someone abusive and control a challenging situation without harming your target. Saint Martha is particularly effective in bringing an abusive husband to heel, a custody battle, or a discriminatory situation involving housing or employment. Saint Martha is petitioned for the protection of women and children, but she has been known to assist men in abusive situations.

Saint Martha The Dominator Oil Uses:

  • Stop abuse in a relationship
  • Control an abusive friendship
  • End discrimination directed at you

Saint Martha The Dominator Spell Ideas:

Take a photo of the person or persons that are abusing you. Dab Saint Martha the Dominator Oil on the faces of the photos in a five-spot pattern. With a plain purple candle of any size, use a sharp nail to carve the name of your target from the top of the candle to the bottom. Also carve a small petition, like "Stop the abuse!", "Get out of my life!", or "Stop discriminating me!" Anoint the candle with Saint Martha the Dominator oil stroking it away from your body, from the base to the wick. This is done to send the negative energy away from you. Place the photo under the candle and burn it while asking Saint Martha the Dominator for her assistance. After the candle finishes burning, take the wax remains, rip the photo up in small pieces, and dispose of the spell remains at a crossroads. For additional spell ideas, visit The Conjure Blog!

Bottle size: 1/2 ounce

  • Brand: Dr. E. Products

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