How to Use Powders

Sachet Powders (Magical Powders) are a powerful and effective way to directly affect an intended target by affecting their physical body. Powders, by their nature spread easily, fly on the wind and get all over the place - allowing you to get the magical ingredients within all over the person you intend to affect.

I make my sachet powders using a cornstarch base for a finer powdery consistency, and also in light of recent health concerns around the traditional use of talcum powder as a base. I prefer to use natural substances whenever possible.

Dressing Letters with Magical Sachet Powders

One of the best ways to hit a person with a magical spell, without them knowing it, is to lace a letter or card with magical powders then mail it to them. Once the intended person touches the letter or card, they are directly affected by the magical powder on their hands.

Love Me NOW! PowderTo dress a letter with magical powders: Write out your letter or card, then place it face down on a table. Sprinkle a bit of your selected magical powder on the letter while praying in your own words for the desired effect. You could use Love me NOW! Powder on a love poem you wrote to the object of your affections to make them fall in love with you. You could lace the back of an invoice sent to a customer with Money Draw Powder to make sure they pay their bills quickly. The possibilities are endless.

With the powder in place, run your four fingers across the surface of the letter from top to bottom in wavy lines like serpent trails, biting your intended target and affecting them with your magical power. Then shake the rest of the powder off of the letter and give it a flick with your fingers to snap the excess off. Place the letter in an envelope, seal it and send it off to your intended target. Little to they know what will hit them when they open it up, but you can be assured your magical trick will hit them the moment they touch the paper.

Sprinkling Powders in a Person's Tracks

One of the oldest and most reliable ways to hit someone - especially with enemy work - is by sprinkling powders in their tracks to afflict them through the feet. In order to do this without detection, mix the powder with equal parts of local dirt to hide its color. When they aren't looking, sprinkle your powder in a line somewhere where they'll walk through it: across the threshold to their house, around the passenger-side door of their car, under their desk at work, etc. Some folks even throw powders onto the tires of a person's car.

There is a proper way to sprinkle powders. Bend at the waist and sprinkle with one hand while taking an odd number of steps backward. Do this while calling out the intended target by name and pray for the intended effect to hit them. Then walk away, don't look back and wait for the spell to hit them.

Hot Foot PowderFor example, you could take the granddaddy of all magical powders - Hot Foot Powder - and mix it with equal parts of your local dirt to hide it. Then when your annoying neighbor isn't home, you can head over to his place and sprinkle a line of the Hot Foot Powder across the steps leading up to his front door. As you sprinkle you can say something like, "Ernest Jones (or whatever his name is), just as this Hot Foot Powder burns your feet, so shall it light a fire under you to make you move out of this house, out of this neighborhood, and out of my life forever! You can be happy anywhere, but you can't be happy here any longer. Get out, I command you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. AMEN!" Then walk home, clean yourself off, and watch the magic happen.

Magical Powders in Candles and Other Spells

Magical powders have many uses. You can use them to dress candles by dusting a little on your hand and then running your hand over the candle. This works especially well if you oil the candle first with an appropriate condition oil.

For example, you could dress a pink candle with Attraction Oil, then dust it with Attraction Powder and burn it over a photo of the man you met in class and want to draw his attention.

You can also use Magical Powders to dress name papers, amulets, or anything else that needs to be imbued with powerful magical effects. The possibilities are limitless! Evil BEGONE! Powder is even formulated to directly combat powders you might find sprinkled in your track - to undo their magic before it affects you and before you track through it.

Let your creativity in spell work soar with Magical Powders. They are the most misunderstood and yet one of the most powerful and effective ways to hit unsuspecting targets with your spells.