How to Use Oils

More Than Just Perfume

Condition Oils, called such because of their applications for specific "conditions" that a person might be experiencing, are a very versatile tool in your magical toolbox. They bring together the power of many herbs and curios in one concentrated potion that can be applied to just about any object for empowerment.

I make my condition oils out of real essential oils, herbal and mineral curios and extend the blends with fractionated coconut oil to skin-safe concentrations. While they certainly can be worn as personal fragrances, they have much more varied uses in magic.

Dressing Candles

One of the most typical ways that condition oils are used is in the dressing of candles. By dressing candles, you add the power of the herbs in the condition oil to focus the magical power and intent of your candle spell.

To prepare a candle:hold it in one hand and using a sharp implement (like a chopstick or a coffin nail for nasty spells) carve the intended target's name on one side of the candle. Turn the candle and carve the desired effect on the other side. For a Money Draw Spell, you could use a green candle, carve your name on one side, then "Money Comes to Me Now!" on the other. Next, put a few drops of Money Draw Oil on the fingers of your free hand and rub the oil on the candle. For a Money Draw Spell you want to draw money TO you, so stroke the oil onto the candle TOWARD you. If you were doing a Hot Foot Spell, you could stroke something like GTFO! Oil on the candle AWAY from you - because you intend to drive the target of the spell away from your life. Then burn your candle as you normally would. As the candle burns down, it also burns through the essences that were in the condition oil and adds their energies into the mix.

Glass-Encased Candles: These are tall jar-candles, often known as 7-day candles even though they only really burn for about 5 days. The only way to really add oil to the candle is through the top where the wax is exposed.

Money Stay With Me Spell - using condition oils and a glass-encased candle

For example, if I were doing a "money stay with me" candle spell, I would take a green glass-encased candle, poke three holes into the wax with a bamboo skewer and drip some Secure Finances Oil into the holes. I would then add a pinch of finely powdered herbs known for securing personal finances into the top of the candle (like sassafras or irish moss) as well as a little chunk of pyrite and a little piece of lodestone grit. I'd then lay out 5 gold dollar coins in the shape of a "5-spot" (like the pattern of dots on the "5" side of a die), each dabbed with a little Money Draw Oil. Hold the candle to your heart, pray for money to be drawn to your life from all four directions, and to be secured in your wallet, in your account and for your finances to steadily grow over time - all of this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, AMEN! Then tap the candle three times on the table top, and set that glass-encased candle right on top of the middle gold dollar coin OR immediately beside it. Burn it all the way down, and when you are done, go out and spend the gold dollars, knowing that they are trained to seek out more money in the world and bring it back to you.

Dressing Name Papers with Condition Oils

Name Papers are magical talismans created using paper, a target's name and a magical intent, to properly target your magical goal. These are usually created on a piece of unprinted brown paper that is torn on all four sides (no mechanically cut edges). On this square of paper, the magical goal is often written 3, 7, or 9 times and then it is crossed an equal number of times with the target's name. I like to draw symbols in the four corners of the name paper as well. Finally, to empower the name paper, pass it through incense smoke, and then dress it in a "5-spot" pattern with your condition oil of choice. The name paper is folded in half 3 times, rotated 1/4 turn in between each fold and it is then either put inside a mojo bag, or under a candle, etc.

Feeding Mojo Bags with Condition Oils

Condition Oils can be used to feed a mojo bag on a weekly basis to keep its energy strong and powerful. For example, if you have a Triple Luck Mojo Bag that you take with you to the casinos on a regular basis, you can feed it Fast Luck Oil every week on a Thursday (for increasing your luck) to keep the hot streak going. Simply dab some oil in a "5-spot" pattern on the side of the mojo bag and keep it out of sight in your pocket while you play. Condition Oils are a nice alternative from the tradition of using whiskey to feed a mojo bag. They incorporate the power of herbs to keep the mojo strong.

These are just a few ideas for how you can use condition oils in your magical work. The uses really are limited by your own imagination. I've added condition oils to my household cleaners to add their energy to my home and bless it. I've worn them as personal fragrances when I go out to the bars to lure potential mates. I've used them to bless and empower jewelry to make them into powerful protective amulets. I've even used oils to bless and protect my work space to keep away gossip and hateful coworkers. Let your ideas flow and you'll find even more ways to use these powerful magical blends in your own rootwork.