Confusion Hoodoo Products and Confusion Spells

Confusion is a blend of traditional hoodoo ingredients for oils, herb baths, Sachet powders, candles and mojo bags designed to jinx, cross, curse and sow the seeds of discontent. Dr. E.'s Confusion products gain their power from herbs traditionally used to disorient your enemies and break their concentration, including Vetivert, Poppy Seeds and more.

Confusion is related to other "cursing" hoodoo formulas like Crossing, Black Arts and Inflammatory Confusion. Like all of Dr. E. Products, Confusion products are made with genuine herbs, minerals and essential oils of the highest quality.

Confusion Oil - $7.00

How to use Confusion Oil:
Confusion Oil is a versatile tool used to jinx, cross, curse and sow the seeds of discontent in your enemies lives. Dress the skull candle with Confusion Oil and sprinkle it with poppy seeds. Burn this on top of a photo of your target and every 10 minutes turn the candle around and around to spin their mind and confuse their thoughts. Dab a bit of Confusion Oil on a co-worker's computer mouse, chair or anything else they might touch to get them fired. Don't forget to cleanse yourself with Uncrossing Herb Bath after using Confusion Oil to make sure its chaotic energy doesn't stick to you.

Confusion Herb Bath - $4.00

How to Use Confusion Herb Bath:
Confusion Herb Bath should not be used to bathe your body or to wash the floors of your home.

Make a Tea
Start by taking your packet of Confusion Herb Bath and pouring it in a coffee cup. Pour boiling water over the herbs and allow them to sit for about ten minutes so that they can release their essences into the water. After ten minutes, strain the herbs out and save the liquid. You can dispose of the herbs somewhere in nature, or somewhere outside of your house. Strain your cup of full-strength Confusion Herb Bath infusion. It is now properly diluted and ready to use.

Use the Tea
Unless you want Confusion Herb Bath's chaotic cursing energy in your home to affect people who live with you, we don't recommend using as a floor wish in your home. If you must, we suggestion you only use it in areas your target(s) will reside. Once you have strained the herbs you can use the tea as a spiritual spray mist or other use where your target will come in contact with the herbs. Add it to the wash of your target's clothes or add it to their shampoo and more.

Confusion Sachet Powder - $5.00

Ideas for Using Confusion Sachet Powder:
Confusion Sachet Powder is a great way to toss chaos into your enemies' lives without being detected. Sprinkle their documents and business cards with Confusion Sachet Powder to sow the seeds of discontent, chaos and confusion for potential clients or business contacts. Sprinkle some Confusion Sachet Powder on your enemy's doorstep. Dress a skull candle with Confusion Oil and sprinkle it with poppy seeds and Confusion Sachet Powder. Burn this on top of a photo of your target and every 10 minutes turn the candle around and around to spin their mind and confuse their thoughts. When the candle is finished burning, bury the spell remains in the ground where your target will likely walk over it or past it. 

Confusion Mojo Bag - $30.00

How to Use Confusion Mojo Bag:
Disorient your enemies and break their concentration with jinxing herbs that lend their power to confuse, making this an effective tool. Our Confusion Mojo Bag is the right tool to carry when you want to sow the seeds of discontent, chaos, and confusion between others. This Mojo works best with a focused intent upon a single specific target that you should name in your petition. Don't forget to check out the instructional page on How to Use Mojo Bags.

Confusion Setting of Lights - $25.00

Ideas for Use of Confusion Setting of Lights:
Confusion Setting of Lights are used to confuse enemies and mix up their thoughts so that they fumble, look foolish or are mentally tormented. We will dress, bless and light a Confusion Candle on our altars along with your specific petition and photograph. When your candle has finished burning we will send you a candle burn report via e-mail with details about how your candle burned and a brief interpretation of any signs the candle showed. Confusion Setting of Lights is perfect for creating confusion in the mind of someone in your life, distracting the mental sharpness of a specific person and repelling clients or customers to your enemy's business.