About Mama E.

Mama E - Reader & RootworkerAs early as the age of 12 Mama E has been reading Tarot with ease for members of her community. Mama E, Mother to our founder, Dr. E. (1976-2014) is a two-headed conjure doctor, clairvoyant and spiritual medium. A bilingual conjure doctor, and Reiki Master born in Cuba of Hispanic descent, her approach is based around using divination to prescribe the best course of action to address your problem, giving you practical solutions to get what you want.  Mama E is skilled at love and reconciliation work, justice work, removing curses, uncrossing her clients and restoring their blessings after being attacked. It is also notable that she is a priestess of Oshún in the Lukumí faith who underwent Kariocha (initiation) on January 19th, 2002 and was scratched in Palo Kimbisa on November 17th, 2001. 

As part of Dr E's spiritual legacy and in his honor, Mama E and the staff of Dr. E. Products continues to offer rootwork services to clients, including setting of lights (candle work), making mojo bags, spiritual cleansings and uncrossings, love spells, protective magic, magic against your enemies, and more. Mama E. is a proud member of The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR)

Staff members who are continuing the legacy of Dr. E. Products under Mama E's direction were personally trained by Dr. E. before his death to help in his work, and include experienced spirit workers and initiates in various religious and spiritual traditions.


Fortune-telling and divination in hoodoo and rootwork

"Fortune-telling" or divination, as it is more properly known, is used my many conjure doctors in the process of doing rootwork. Divination allows your Hoodoo rootworker to find out all of the factors that are at play in your situation and then determine the best course of spell work. Divination always employs a tool like cards, bones or shells, that are mixed and selected at random as a way of communicating with God for His guidance. (The word divine and divination share the same root and both point to God's presence in the work.) By reading for the client with his divination tool, your Hoodoo doctor will help you find the custom magical course of action to get the results you seek. While some rootworkers sell pre-written spells at a fixed price to customers, most conjure doctors (Dr. E Products' readers. included) prefer to work through this prescribed process determining the right custom approach for your unique situation. Not only does this give you better results, but it saves you more money in the long run and creates less grief for the client. Dr. E. offers several forms of divination for his clients including: Tarot Card Readings, Throwing of the Bones and Santeria Cowrie Shell Readings.