How To Use Floor Washes

Use Herb Baths as Magical Floor Washes!

Dr. E. Products' Herb Baths can also be used as floor washes to cleanse your home, draw in positive influences and protect your space. The only difference between cleansing your body in a magical bath and cleansing your home with a floor wash is in the application of the product; but you can use the same product for both uses.

Cleansing your home with a floor wash is one of the most traditional and effective ways to get rid of curses and clear the house of any powders that have been sprinkled, or of any dark spirits or entities that may be present. Burning some sage isn't enough to clear away these influences. You need to wash that floor, the good old fashioned hoodoo way. It's also common to cleanse your home with a floor wash immediately after taking a magical bath so that both your body and your home are cleansed and protected.

Dr. E. Products' hand-blended herbal baths can be used as floor washes. Dr. E. makes his herb baths using the finest dried herbs, roots and essential oils for maximum magical effect.

How to Cleanse Your Home With a Floor Wash

Any of Dr. E. Products' hoodoo herb baths can be used as a floor wash just by following the directions below.

1. Brew the Wash
Start by taking your choice of of herb bath and emptying the packet into a coffee cup. Pour boiling water over the herbs and allow them to sit for about ten minutes so that they can release their essences into the water. After ten minutes, strain the herbs out and save the liquid. You can dispose of the herbs either in the trash, or you can sprinkle them in your garden around the front door of your house. Pour your cup of full-strength herb infusion into a mop bucket full of water. It is now properly diluted and ready to use.

2. Cleanse Your Home
Cleanse your home from the back of the house toward the front door. If you have a multiple story home start at the top and work your way toward the bottom. Use a mop on tile, cement and wooden floors. If you have carpet then use a clean broom and lightly moisten the tips of the broom straws with the floor wash and use this to "sweep" the carpet. As an alternative you can also put some of the floor wash into a spray bottle and use it to spritz the carpet. Use a cloth moistened with floor wash to wipe down the base boards, doors, window sills, and thresholds of every room. Make your way to the front door of your home. While you clean you can pray in your own words, or if you'd like you can pray Psalms 23 or a selected psalm of your choice. I like to pray back and forth between the "Our Father" and Psalm 23.

3. Cleansing the Path Into Your Home
Now that you have cleansed the interior of your home, take your mop bucket and broom outside and wet sweep with the floor wash from the sidewalk up to your front door of your home. If you live in a multi-story building then cleanse the hallway or passage leading up to your door. (Some hoodoo rootworkers cleanse from the elevator to the door of an apartment in a building, while others will even cleanse the stairwell leading to their floor. It's really up to your personal preference.) Pray the Our Father and Psalm 23 as you sweep. If you have a dirt path or grass leading up to your front door, then you can sprinkle or spritz the floor wash onto the ground instead of wet sweeping. When you reach the front door, cleanse the door step or porch very well making sure to cleanse under the doormat. This is done to remove any powders, graveyard dirt or other tricks that may have been laid outside of your home for you to track inside.

4. Cleanse the Front Door
Using a moistened cloth, thoroughly wipe down the front door of your home, inside and out, using your floor wash. As you wipe the door, pray for it to be a portal for goodness into your home. Pray to cleanse away any negativity, any curses, any evil, and to draw in goodness, health, stability, money, or whatever you desire. You may anoint the front door with small crosses drawn in a condition oil of your choice at the four corners and center of your door inside and out as well.

5. Dispose of the Floor Wash
Now that your home cleansing is complete, take the used bucket of floor wash out to the street. Toss the water under your left shoulder, toward the east, with an "AMEN!" Then return home and don't look back.

Protecting and Annointing the Home

Fiery Wall of Protection OilIt is typically a good idea to go through your home after you've washed it with an appropriate condition oil to anoint and bless all the doors and windows. For example, if you just did an Uncrossing Herb Bath as a floor wash to cleanse your home, you could follow up with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Or if you cleansed your home of bad luck using 13-Herb Bath, you can follow up with Fast Luck Oil to draw in good luck. Select your oil and then dab a tiny cross of the oil onto the four corners and center of every door and window in your home. As you anoint the doors and windows pray in your own words for God to bring positive blessings into your home and into your life. This is very similar to the body anointing you perform after taking a personal magical bath.

Cleansing with Floor Wash for Consecutive Days

It is traditional to cleanse the home with floor washes for several days in a row, when performing an uncrossing or other magical cleansing. Typically, a 3-day, 7-day, 9-day or 13-day course of cleansing will be prescribed depending on how bad the situation is. Major Uncrossing House Cleansings will require a 13 day run of floor washes. A simpler Love Uncrossing Floor Wash might require just 3 days worth of mopping. Gauge the number of floor washes you need to perform on your home according to the severity of your case, and make sure to order enough packets of your selected herb bath to use over the span of your cleansing. Don't forget to also purchase a condition oil appropriate for your purposes to use when anointing after the floor wash is complete.