Success and Eloquence Hoodoo Products and Success Spells

Success and Eloquence is Dr. E.'s version of Crown of Success, a traditional hoodoo recipe for oil, herb bath, powders, candles and mojo bags designed to make you successful and an eloquent communicator. Dr. E.'s Success and Eloquence formulas gain their power from herbs and minerals traditionally used for success including bay leaves and high john the conqueror.

Success and Eloquence is related to other hoodoo formulas like Good Job and Fast Luck. Like all of Dr. E. Products, Success and Eloquence products are made with genuine herbs, minerals and essential oils of the highest quality.

Success and Eloquence Oil - $7.00

How to use Success and Eloquence Oil:
Success and Eloquence Oil is a wonderful tool for success with any goals or projects, or to gain eloquence with speech and writing. Dress a yellow candle with Success and Eloquence Oil and burn it in a candle holder on top of a list of your goals that you're seeking to achieve. Once the candle is done burning, bury the wax remnants of the candle (if there are any) near your front door and carry the folded up list of your goals in your wallet. As you accomplish your goals, cross them off the list with a single line. When your list is totally completed and you've succeeded with all your goals, burn the list with some Frankincense as an offering of thanks to God for your accomplishments. If you are a writer or a business person, dress a chunk of pyrite with Success and Eloquence Oil and place it on your desk. Every day tap the piece of pyrite and ask for a day full of golden success. That blessed chunk of pyrite will help you succeed in your efforts and make lots of money. Dab your forehead and the top of your head with Success and Eloquence Oil before learning or studying for success in your schoolwork.

Success and Eloquence Herb Bath - $4.00

How to Use Success and Eloquence Herb Bath:
Success and Eloquence Herb Bath can be used to bathe your body to succeed in your efforts and be eloquent when you speak and write.

Brew the Herbs
Start by taking your packet of Success and Eloquence Herb Bath and placing it in a coffee cup. Pour boiling water over the herbs and allow them to sit for about ten minutes so that they can release their essences into the water. After ten minutes, strain the herbs out and save the liquid. You can dispose of the herbs either in the trash, or you can sprinkle them in your garden around the front door of your house. Pour your cup of full-strength Success and Eloquence Herb Bath infusion into a large washtub or bowl full of bath-temperature water. It is now properly diluted and ready to use.

Set Up Your Tub or Shower
Take your bowl of Success and Eloquence Herb Bath into the bathroom. Place two small white candles on either side of the bathtub or shower so that you cross between them as you enter and exit the tub. Plug up the tub so that you can capture the bathwater that runs off of your body (or if you are using a shower, place a bowl in the shower and stand over it to catch some of the water that flows off of you when you will bathe.

Take Your Bath
Light the two white candles, disrobe and enter the shower or tub with your washtub or bowl full of diluted Success and Eloquence Herb Bath. Traditionally, hoodoo practitioners will pray the Our Father and Psalm 23, or you may pray in your own words for success with your efforts, to win your competition or whatever you seek to accomplish. Then pour the bath on your body working your way upward from your feet up to your head. Remember to get your back side, hands and feet. (Ladies who have recently had their hair done and don't want to mess up their hairdos can simply bathe up to the neck, then moisten their hands with the bath and lightly wet their faces and/or hair.) Set your bowl aside and begin to wipe the excess bath off of your body with your hands (always wiping upwards to "draw in" the good things you desire). Note that some of the water that you used was caught in the tub or in the small bowl you set at your feet. It doesn't have to be all of it, just some.

Dry Off
Exit the bath, walking between your white candles and air dry. Do not use a towel. If you are cold stand in front of a heater. Continue to wipe your body with your hands, always wiping upward until you are dry. At this point you can anoint your body with some Success and Eloquence Oil by dabbing a bit on your wrists, behind each ear, over your heart and on the bottom of each foot. Dress in clean clothing – preferably light in color (not black).

Dispose of the Bath
Now take the original coffee cup you used and scoop up some of the captured used bath water. You don't have to get all of it, just some of it. Take this outside. Toss the water over your left shoulder toward the east; toward the rising sun (your back will be to the sun if you're doing this right) and say "AMEN!" Then walk home and don't look back at the water you tossed. You can now go about your day knowing that you are covered with Success and Eloquence Herb Bath, and it is working to draw money, prosperity and business to you.

Success and Eloquence Sachet Powder - $5.00

Ideas for Using Success and Eloquence Sachet Powder:
Success and Eloquence Sachet Powder is a great way to succeed with any effort and communicate with grace and eloquence. Sprinkle business cards with Success and Eloquence Powder to succeed in drawing new clients and win future business deals. Sprinkle some Success and Eloquence Powder in your shoes so that your path in life will always lead to success. Dress a yellow candle with Success and Eloquence Oil then powder it with Success and Eloquence Powder for success in your projects and efforts, as well as eloquent communication in everything you do. Students can dust papers and tests with Success and Eloquence Powder before handing them in to their teachers. Their teachers will touch the dressed papers and be influenced by your magic to grade the paper more generously.

Success and Eloquence Mojo Bag - $30.00

How to Use Success and Eloquence Mojo Bag:
Our Success and Eloquence Mojo Bag is the perfect charm to carry for success with your projects and goals, as well as eloquence with communication and writing. Carry a Success and Eloquence Mojo Bag in your pocket if you are a student so that you will succeed with your studies, earn better grades and do well in school. Wear a Success and Eloquence Mojo Bag if you are a public speaker, litigator or work in a job where you must give public presentations. It will help you be a better communicator, give more dynamic presentations and succeed in your efforts. You can also keep a Success and Eloquence Mojo Bag near your computer if you have a computer-based job, to help you succeed with your proposals, jobs and project. Don't forget to check out the instructional page on How to Use Mojo Bags.

Success and Eloquence - Setting of Lights - $25.00

Ideas for Use of Success and Eloquence - Setting of Lights:
Success and Eloquence - Setting of Lights can be used for success with any goals, or to gain eloquence with communication and studies. We will dress, bless and light a Success and Eloquence Candle on our altars along with your specific petition and photograph. When your candle has finished burning we will send you a candle burn report via e-mail with details about how your candle burned and a brief interpretation of any signs the candle showed. Success and Eloquence - Setting of Lights is perfect for people vying to win a competition, for students who want to succeed in school, for people striving to achieve goals or for executives that have to be eloquence communicators on the job.