Hoodoo Setting of Lights FAQs - Magical Candle Burning

Our Setting of Lights Service is a great and cost-effective way of putting spell work toward your goals. We utilize glass-encased vigil candles, dressed with Dr. E. Products' Hoodoo Condition Oils and pinches of herbs appropriate for your goal. We pray your petitions utilizing photos that you've uploaded then set your candle to burn on our outdoor altar. Once your candle is done burning we will email you a candle burn report detailing the manner in which your candle burned and any signs left for us to interpret.

Below are some of the most common questions we receive regarding our Setting of Lights Service. Please take a moment to read through these questions and answers before contacting us to find out more information. Please do not contact us if you are trying to find out which candle to burn for your situation. We ask that you carefully read our product descriptions that we have taken the time to write out for you as guidance to help you determine which is best for your situation.

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Has My Candle Been Lit? Have You Sent My Candle Burn Report? What Is My Order Status?

Our online store has functionality already built into it for you to check the status of your order at any time without the need to email us or contact us. Simply visit the My Account page, log in, and check the status of your order. All of your reports are stored here so if you do not receive an email check here first. If your reports are posted on your account, check your spam folder and unmark them as spam. You can also check past candles you have burned to track your process. At every step of the order, you will be updated with an email. If your email client or provider has marked our messages as spam, you may not be getting our updates. You MUST check your spam folder and if our messages are there you MUST mark them as 'not spam' or future messages from us may end up there. In any case, you will be emailed status updates as follows:

1. "Received - waiting for altar space"
Just as the status implies, your candle has not been lit and we are either preparing to light it or waiting for space to become available on our altar. If, and only if, your order remains in this status for more than 7 days, please email us.

2. "Candle is Lit"
Just as the status implies, your petition has been prayed and your candle has been lit. Candles can burn up to 7 days, typically less, and we require time to compile the reports and send them to you after the burn time. If your candle has been in this status more than 10 business days please contact us. Please note we do not compile reports on the weekends.

3. "Burn Complete - Your report"
Just as the status implies, this is the final step of your candle burn. If you ordered multiple candles to be burned at the same time, you will typically receive one email with all reports. If you ordered a run of candles you will receive multiple reports as each candle completes. Candles can take up to 7 days, typically less, and we require time to compile the reports and send them to you after the burn time. If your candle has been in this status more than 10 days please contact us. Please note we do not compile reports on the weekends.

When Will My Candle Be Lit?

Candles are lit in the order they are received as room becomes available on our altar. We typically have 80 candles going at a time on our altar. We cannot guarantee a specific date of burning, nor a particular timing for the moment when your candle is lit. Once your candle is lit, we will email you a notification that your candle has been lit. If you do not receive an email, please check your Spam folder in email and your Spam settings so that our notification emails are not filtered out.

How Long Does It Take For A Candle To Burn?

While we do use candles called "7-day candles" they no longer burn for seven days. Due to degrading wax qualities in all manufacturers of candles, most candles burn for about 5 days. It is believed that a candle that burns slower than the normal five days indicates your results will be slow to manifest. Candles that burn faster than 5 days indicate speedy results but they may not be long-lived results. Once the candle is done burning, it can take a few days for us to email you your candle burn report. We appreciate your patience.

When Will I Get My Candle Burn Report?

Do not inquire about your report status until it has been 10 business days since your candle was lit.  Please note we do not compile reports on the weekends.After your candle has finished burning (approximately 5 or 6 days burn time) we will write up a candle burn report and email it to you. Our candle burn reports are NOT sent through regular mail - only through email. Reports can take up to a week to compile and email out to you. Once your report has been sent your order status will be changed to "Work Completed". If you cannot find your Candle Burn Report in your email inbox, then check your Spam Folder for it. Sometimes our emails get filtered out by email clients.

How Many Candles Can You Burn At One Time?

You can have us burn as many candles as you'd like at one time, space permitting. There is no hard and fast rule regarding this. Some clients have three candles of the same type set at the same time, while others prefer simply burning one. The choice is yours to make. We reserve the right to adjust your burn times for candle orders of more than 6 total candles. 

Can You Set Lights To Burn Back-To-Back In A Run?

Some customers like us to burn a series of candles (often three or seven) back-to-back to keep a situation under magical pressure over a period of time. If you order multiple candles of the same type and would like us to do this for you, please indicate that near the end of your order in the order comments section (not in the Petition). That way we won"t miss your request and will make sure to light the next candle off of its predecessor and keep the run going for you.

I Can Only Upload One Photo. Which Should I Use?

Typically we prefer clients to send us photos of the target of your candle. For example, if you are setting a candle to get yourself a Good Job, or a True Love, send us a photo of you. If you want to curse your enemy with Confusion or Crossing, send us a photo of your enemy. If you are purchasing a Commanding Candle to order someone around, or a Follow Me Boy Candle to keep someone under your domination, then send us a photo of that person. Also, make sure to indicate who the photo is in your petition.

It is not a good idea to target multiple people with one candle unless they all fall under the umbrella of one organization. For example, if you want to make two different men fall in love with you, you need two separate Love Me Now Candles - one for each man. But if you want a whole company of people to fall in love with you, you can target "the employees of that company" with one Attraction Candle. If you are cursing multiple people, you can target a married couple with one candle, but several unrelated people should be handled with one candle per person.

What Kind Of Photo Should I Upload?

We accept files in .gif, .jpg, .jpeg and .png format. Please do not send us .tiff files. Please do not send us Word Documents. You can use any online free file format converter to convert your image into an acceptable format. Please do not email us photos - use the image uploader built into our online store as it will automatically associate your file with your order. Loose files emailed to us are impossible to track with candles.

The best photos to send are full body pictures where the person is looking directly at the camera and their eyes are visible. Photos where the person is using sunglasses, has their eyes closed, or is looking away from the camera are not good choices. Also please select a photo that does not include people unrelated to the magical goal. People in the distant background are fine as they will not be affected; only your target will. If you are having a candle lit to make a person fall in love with you, you can also choose to send us a photo of you and your target in the same picture.

I Am Having Trouble Writing My Desire/Petition

Please do not copy and paste your petition into the website. There is a maximum of 400 characters allowed in your petition. Write the petition directly into the box and you"ll see that the box updates to tell you how many characters you have left in terms of room to write. Make sure to include the names of your target and what you desire. Write it as if you are commanding the universe or asking God for your desire. Do not waste your petition space to explain your situation, you only have 400 characters. Be concise and to the point.

A poorly-written petition for a job would be "I recently got laid off and I"m having a hard time finding work, so I'd like a job that"s near my home but I don"t want to work for gossipping people who are rude and inconsiderate. I had a bad job in the past and I really want something that"s challenging, oh and I want a new boyfriend too."

The second example rambles, has negative assertions in it and doesn't explain precisely what you want in a positive voice. It also makes the mistake of throwing in unrelated desires, in this case, the desire for a new boyfriend. This is not an effective petition. By contrast, here is a well-written petition for a job.

"I get a fantastic job in sales making $65,000 per year with three weeks of paid vacation a year, working in a great company with friendly people!"

This petition is perfect. It is written in a positive tone, explaining what you want - NOT what you DON"T want, and is concise in how much income and what benefits are wanted.

I Don"t Know What Candle To Buy!

Please do not contact us trying to find out what candle would be best for you. Please take the time to read our carefully written product descriptions to figure out which candle is best for you.

Can I Have Candles Burned Along With Rootwork?

It is fairly common for clients to have lights set along side rootwork that's being performed by a professional rootworker. But to be sure, it is a good idea for you to check in with your rootworker first to verify that a Setting of Lights service will not conflict with the work they are performing first. Dr. E. is fine with you setting lights alongside the work he is performing for you if you are his client.

How Long Until I See Results?

There is no way to guarantee how long it will take for you to see your magical results. It is dependent on many factors. For example, if you have a Talk To Me Candle lit for you, but then make zero effort to communicate with your target, your chances of actually hearing from your intended target are MUCH lower than if you make an effort to reach out. Also, certain kinds of cases take longer to see success than others; Reconciliation being notably slow to see results (because of hurt emotions having to be healed, etc.) In the most general sense, however, you can usually see some kind of manifestation within a month's time. But we cannot guarantee any time frame for success.

How Often Should I Have Lights Set For Me?

A candle's magical effects last about a month. It isn't necessary to light more than 1 candle of any type per month. More can be overkill. For example, you can burn out your intended target by lighting too many love candles on them. Keep your intentions and efforts pure and simple. 1 kind of candle per month on a given target will be sufficient. The one exception to this would be if you are doing a run of candles - like seven in a row to get a job. Your candle burn reports will also guide you as to the necessity to light additional candles, or to stop if you've lit too many. This is interpreted by the signs we perceive in your candle's glass.