How To Use Mojo Bags

Mojo bags are powerful allies in magic. Your mojo bag is only for you to see and touch. No one else can touch or see it. Your mojo has its own name that you can use to speak to it and ask for its direct assistance at any time.

For the first week you'll want to keep the mojo against your skin at all times. This lets the mojo become accustomed to your scent. I advise clients to tuck it into their underwear or bra, or even into their sock. You must sleep with it too. (You can safety-pin it to the underside of your pillow too, if you need to.) Do not wear it while bathing or swimming (you want to keep it dry).

After that first week is done, you no longer need to keep the mojo bag right up against your skin. You may keep it in your pocket, in your book bag, in your purse or in your dresser drawer at home. I recommend you carry it with you when you specifically want its magical effects around you.

How to Care for Your Mojo Bag

Once a week, feed your mojo bag to keep it strong and powerful. Do this by 5-spotting the bag with the condition oil it came with. Put a dab on the four corners of the mojo bag and one in the middle (like the pattern of the '5' side of a die). This keeps its energy strong, and motivates it to keep working on your behalf. Some mojo bags are fed with other substances like Hoyt's cologne, whiskey or even urine or semen. It really depends on the mojo's purpose and your unique instructions.

Once a year, usually near the Fall Equinox, mojo bags need to be refreshed. This is a service I offer where I take apart the mojo bag, save the big curios (roots, lodestones, etc.), replace the light leafy components, reassemble the bag, recharge and feed it, then send it back to you. If you are interested in having your mojo bag refreshed, please contact Dr. E.

What to Do If Your Mojo Bag is Seen, Touched, or Gets Wet

If another person sees your mojo bag, simply reinforce it by feeding it more of the condition oil or whiskey and calling it by name to continue to be strong for you. If someone touches your mojo bag, it will need to be recharged (Dr. E. can perform this service for you for a nominal fee). If, for some reason, your mojo bag gets wet or damaged, it is dead and you need to purchase a new replacement mojo bag. Some people get upset if they've dropped their mojo bag. Personally, I do not think it is anything to be concerned over. Simply give it another five-spot of oil, pray over it and call it by name, telling your mojo bag to be strong and continue to work for you. Most importantly, try not to let it happen again.