Crossing Products

Sometimes you have to take the gloves off and fight against your enemies with powerful rootwork. Whether it is shutting up a gossipping person, or causing someone sickness and misfortune, these Dr. E. Products were formulated for maximum effect and quick results. offers a complete line of hoodoo products for crossing, jinxing or cursing your enemies including hot foot powder, cursing hoodoo oils, herb baths, mojo bags and hoodoo spell kits. Hot Foot that annoying neighbor out of your life, tie up someone's nature to prevent them from having sex, or invoke God's divine justice when you've been wronged! Use these products responsibly and for a just cause for best results.

War Water

War Water

War Water is traditionally used to cause misfortune, send violence and declare spiritual warfare on someone. War Water is made with cursing herbs and bits of iron, then left to rot and bottled in...


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