Goofer Dust


Graveyard dirt, sulfur, snake sheds and other noxious ingredients are Goofer Dust so powerfully evil. Goofer Dust (from the Congo word “kufwa” – meaning “to kill”) is used against enemies to make them sick until they are crawling on the ground, howling like a dog. Goofer dust is perfect for supremely powerful curses that will end your enemy in every way. ONLY USE IN DIRE CASES!

Goofer Dust Uses:

  • Curse an enemy's health, wealth, love and luck
  • Make an enemy very sick
  • Jinx your enemy's health until they are howling with sickness

Goofer Dust Spell Ideas:

Lay some Goofer Dust in your enemy's tracks to poison them through their feet. Put a pinch of Goofer Dust on food they’ll be eating to cross them from the inside out and make them horrifically sick. Dress candles with Goofer Dust to curse your enemies and toss the remains in the graveyard so they’ll end up there. Sprinkle Goofer Dust into food you serve to your enemy to destroy their health and leave them rolling around on the floor howling in pain. Remember to cleanse yourself with Uncrossing Herb Bath after using Goofer Dust to take the powerful evil of this hoodoo curse off of you.

For ideas and directions on how to use magical powders in spell work, read Dr. E.'s article on the Conjure Doctor Blog.

Package size: Approximately 1 oz.

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